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Currently editing Spring 2018 Weddings

Turnover time for videos filmed early in the year (March/April), are usually within 4-8 weeks. Later in the year (September/October) 12-20 weeks depending on how busy the season was. Below, you'll see an 'Upcoming Video Schedule'. If your name appears in the top 4-6 listed, Matt's probably working on your video as we speak! At the very bottom, see if you still need to get us any information for us to be able to complete your video.

Please visit our Sneak Peek page to see a trailer of any wedding we document. All 'Sneak Peeks' are online within days of any given wedding!

Upcoming Video Schedule

Evelyn & Michael

Kelsey & Ryan

Lauren & Michael

Katelyn & Donald

Megan & Bryan

Anna & Matthew

Dana & Anthony

Alicia & Robert

Danielle & Nicholas

Michelle & Brandon

Katelyn & Zachary

Rachel & Eric

Ashley & Michael




Needs Info *:

Susan & William

Kathleen & Matthew

Austina & Bryan

Cortney & Brandon

Amy & Ryan

Lauren & Travis

Eric & Brittany

Laura & Joe

Jocelyn & Owen

Meghan & Michael

Stephanie & Andrew

Katie & Zach

Lauren & Anthony

Bretton & Dustin

Chelsea & Kostas

Nina & John

Stephanie & Matthew

Jennifer & Jonathan



*Waiting on music selections, pictures or other information from couple to complete video.


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Welcome to our Wedding Spotlight page! Here our clients, friends and family can come relive the big day by viewing their Highlight Video or Short Film here! These are just highlights of completed videos that can average two hours in length, which includes the ceremony and reception in real time so nothing is missed! For full length samples, please visit our Samples Page.

These videos can also be found in our Vimeo Highlight Video Collection in full HD!

Quicktime is needed to view these clips. If you need it, click here. Any URL's or watermarks appearing in these highlight video's are for copyright protection and do not appear in full length DVD videos.

The Wedding Spotlight

Recent Highlight Videos

* After couple's name denotes events headed/ filmed by Sandy, Brandan, Julia or Greg . All other events headed/filmed by Matt. These videos are optimized and scaled for web viewing. Enlarging will make the video distorted.

Kristin & Curtis*

Anna & Jordan

Marie & Ravi*

Ashley & Cory

Katelyn & Tim

Tayler & Bradford*

Shelley & Scott

Emily & John*

Christiana & Kyle*

Kerone & Tevin

Samantha & Gary*

Lauryn & Nicholas*

Tiffany & Marc

Jessica & James Highlight Video*

Jessica & James' Short Film*

Autumn & Gino*

Brandon & Danielle*

Genevieve & Alex*

Kelly & Kyle

Katie & Andrew

Raelynn & Todd*

Veronica & Jay

Katy & Daniel

Maureen & Dominick*

Stephanie & Eric

Emily & Stevie

Aleza & David*

Brandi & Doug*

Linda & Jeffrey

Kelly & Michael*

Jessica & Tad (Short Film)

Jessica & Tad

Erin & Pat

Shadan & Faisal

Ryan & Paul*

Megan & Justin*

Lauren & Ryan

Sarah & Howard*

Laura & Michael

Michelle & John

Alicen & Roger*

Mia & Jerice

Danielle & Curt*

Kristen & Sebastian

Kalen & Andrew

Amber & Corey*

Rachel & Matt

Jillian & Michael

Chelsea & Kyle*

Shannon & R.T.*

Angela & Adam*

Gina & Ricky

Margaret & Sean

Rachel & Louis*

LaToya & Terrence*

Melissa & Steven

Melanie & Brian

Mindy & Steve*

Sarah & Charles*

Alba & Terrance

AJ & Karen

Robin & Jeff

Lauren & Jacob*

Alexandra & Kevin*

Emily & Joseph

Jennifer & Kenneth

Sarah & Richard

Karen & JP

Sherri & Clifton*

Lara & Rob

Logan & Dennis

Jennifer & Zachary

Lindsay & Tim*

Joy & Charlie

Jennifer & Anand

Concetta & Michael*

Raney & Daniel*

Candise & Steven*

Amy & Ryan*

Allyssa & Brad*

Megan & Benjamin*

Dallas & AJ

Casey & Nathan

Jacki & Chris*

Hannah & Justin*

Kristin & Jesse*

Jacki & Shawn*

Samantha & Jake

Lauren & Frank

Mary & Jason*

Jill & Bryan*

Victoria & Joe*

Angela & Charles*

Karen & Jacob*

Amy & Jonathan

Christine & John*

Alicia & David

Sarah & Ross

Caitlin & Mac

Kelly & Christopher

Yana & David

Kellsey & Johnny


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