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Editing Life Videography utilizes a video-journalistic or as Matt has branded it, a 'Cinematic Documentary' style of shooting.  It is our job to film any wedding as it unfolds naturally. We utilize professional video cameras for video capture that allow us to keep our distance and blend into the background. In fact, you'll hardly even know we're there! In the studio, Matt will put together a wonderful film using cutting edge editing techniques that you, your friends and family will cherish forever. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, contact Matt by clicking here!
Real Time ('Raw Footage') Wedding Video Packages

If you're on more of a budget or simply just want the main events of your wedding day covered and presented in a 'Raw Footage' type format, this is the place for you! The term 'Raw Footage' is deceiving, however. We prefer the term 'Real Time'. All of the events we're on hand to film will be edited and presented in your video in 'Real Time', so you'll see and hear your ceremony (or first dance, or toasts, etc.) in full from start to finish. 'Raw Footage' is techincally the files that are created by our cameras. Along with your day presented in Real Time, we also include a 'Sneak Peek' video, which is a 10-20 minute long, full-edited, cinematic presentation of key moments from your day that you'll receive within days of your wedding! Check some out here.


All Real Time Wedding Video Packages Include:

Any events we're on hand to film presented in Real Time - All important events, such as the Ceremony and key Reception moments we're on hand to film, will be presented in the completed video in real time with their own chapter markers. Hear and see the vows, toasts, special dances and more all as it happened! We always use two cameras during the ceremony as well for total coverage.

Instant Gratification - You'll get a 'Sneak Peek' video trailer of your entire wedding day posted online within days of the event. Usually between 10-20 minutes long, this basic Short Film is a great way to relive the day and is in fact fully edited! Check some out here .
Aerial/Drone Footage- Weather, venue, pilot, availability and FAA permitting, we'll fly a drone on your wedding day to gather aerial footage of the grounds of your venue for inclusion in your video at no extra charge!  If the weather is bad or we don't have a drone available on any particular date, we may be able to use some stock drone footage that we captured on a different day.
Wireless Sound - We use wireless WAV recorder/microphones during the ceremony for optimal sound of your vows. WAV microphones have no actual wireless signal and won't affect any house wireless UHF system. We will also send you the audio file from the ceremony just a few days after the big day for fun.

Add Photos - All packages come with a complimentary mini-photo montage! Up to 40 photos, you can send us 'diapers to dating' images, engagement photos or even honeymoon photos! This is completely optional.

Hands On Customization - Matt personally edits every wedding and every client has the option to sit in on the final editing process at Matt's home studio per request to critique, tweak and finalize things with their own personal touch.
Digital Delivery - Once completed, we'll send your fully edited video to you via online download as Quicktime Movie file/s suitable for iTunes, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, other video playback software and all the cloud stuff. You can even upload it to Youtube if you want. DVD's available a-la-carte.
Experience - All packages can be tailored to any type of wedding across all faiths. Christian, Jewish, Hindu/Indian, Greek... you name it, we've gained the experience in over more than 15 years in business with over 1000 weddings filmed to date by an all family crew!


-Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Medical (nurses) and Public School Teachers can take $50 off a Real Time/Raw Footage Video Package offered on this page.

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All pricing based on consecutive hours of coverage on your wedding day. Pricing is bottom-line, less any potential travel fees.

-Real Time Video Package, 3 Hours Coverage: $800 - Three hours coverage from the time you specify. Usually starting with the ceremony start time, this will get you through the first part of the reception where most of the important formalities take place (like your introductions, first dance and toasts). The final video would be delivered via an online download and feature a 10-20 minute long fully edited Sneak Peek/Short Film video, highlighting key moments of of the day, followed by all of your main events in real time with their own chapter markers.

Additional hours of coverage: $125 per hour

-2 Video Cameras, 1 Videographer


Real Time Video Package Add-ons

- Second Videographer: $150 for 3 hour package, additional hours $25 per hour.

- 5 minute Highlight Video: $400

- Video Message Station: $150 (requires 2nd videogrpaher)

- Hard Drive Delivery: $150 (we'll deliver all of your video files, including the actual raw footage files, on an external hard drive).

- DVD Delivery of final video: $30 per copy




Travel Charges (if necessary)

Local Fuel Surcharge For events outside of the Baltimore and Bel Air metro areas: $40
Hotel / Meals* For any event around 2 hours or more away from Bel Air, MD on Mapquest.com: $150
MD/DE IN-Season Beach Resort Travel Fee* (fuel included) From Ocean City to Rehoboth Beach, between May 1st and September 15th: $350 (add to any package for bottom line pricing).
MD/DE OFF-Season Beach Resort Travel Fee* (fuel included)

From Ocean City to Rehoboth Beach, between September 16th and April 30th: $200 (add to any package for bottom line pricing).

*A hotel stay would assure on-time filming by sleeping over near your event location. It is assessed for most events not local to the immediate Baltimore, Philadelphia, Annapolis or DC Metro areas (anything 2 hours or more away from Bel Air, MD according to Mapquest.com). This would cover hotel and meal costs for our staff who would spend the night before your Ceremony somewhere nearby to assure nothing is missed due to traffic or travel related problems, and also makes for a more energized day of filming with one less lengthy leg of travel on the day of. In some cases this may be waived depending on the timing and amount of hours of coverage needed. We can also accept rooms already booked by guests in hotel blocks.

NOTE: Anything outside of 3-4 hours or more from Bel Air, MD on Mapquest.com, including anything that may call for airfare and/or multiple night stays would require more in the way of travel fees and would be discussed on a case-by-case basis. But we will travel just about anywhere in the world to film!

-50% of package fee due at contract to hold calendar date, second 50% due day of the event.

Contact us HERE for more information or to set up an appointment!



Detailed Descriptions of Package Options and Add-Ons

Ceremony Coverage- Two camera coverage at the church or wedding location of Ceremony and Post-Ceremony activity such as Receiving Lines and Formal Photo Shoots. We show up about one hour before your starting time to get set up and coordinate our shoot with your photographer and whoever's in charge at the facility. We also get some behind the scenes shots of the bridal party and guests prior to the procession and some 'staging' shots of the facility indoors and out for use in your video intro. During the actual Ceremony itself, we begin with a camera angle up front of the wedding party coming down the aisle. Once the bride gets halfway down the aisle we'll move off to a side vantage point (and discreetly move around the venue for alternate filming angles with that camera, which we like to call the 'B-Cam'), while another camera (the 'Main Cam') catches all the action from a more centered location at the back of the facility that is continuously rolling. If you have one videographer, we'll check the Main-cam from time to time to make sure we're nice and square on our subject matter. If you have two videographers, one would be dedicated to the Main-Cam freeing up the second videographer with the B-Cam to be more creative with the shots they get. During editing, we would then tie all of that footage together which gives the illusion of 20 different camera angles! All the while, you'll hardly notice us there filming and we'll never walk up the center aisle or enter any sacred area of a facility. We like to keep our distance and blend in. We want your guests to be focused on you, not your vendors. Of course our clients can also direct how they would like the shooting to go, and we'll utilize an MP3 recorder to pick up your vows clearly (we clip the mic on the groom).


Reception Coverage- We'll capture all the important moments from your Reception like your Introductions, Cake Cutting, Toasts, all the important Dances, Garter and Bouquet Toss and anything else of importance including lots of open dancing! All of this footage would be included in your video, fully edited in real time so you'll hear the songs you danced to and hear the toasts in full as it all happened!


Sneak Peek Video- Our clients can get a sneak peak snippet from their wedding almost instantly! Well, at least within a few days of the wedding in most cases. We'll post a short film highlight video with some real-time moments like your vows and put it online in an effort to give all of our clients, their friends and family, a moment to relive right away.


Video Message Station- Basically a dedicated camera we'd set up at your reception where guests could come over at their leisure and roast, toast or wish the couple well should they be so inclined:) The camera would be set up with a sign on it inviting guests to come over when they'd like to at any time during the event.


Mini-Photo Montage- (36-40 images) This montage is a 'mini', one song in length, version of our full scale Photo-to-Video Montage. A popular alternative to those that really want a montage, but may not have a huge amount of pictures for it. The Mini Photo Montage acts as a nice lead-in to the entire video with blended pictures of the couple and their families through the years leading up to the big day! We can also use pictures from your Honeymoon to recap your experiences there!