Serving Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & NYC (but not limited to these areas, we'll go anywhere with appropriate accomodations).

Some are on the fence when it comes to professional videography for their special event. Those that have it, based on the feedback we receive from our clients, find it's the best possible investment they had made on their wedding day. Simply put, imagine if you had a cinematic, dreamlike film of your parent's or even grandparent's wedding on par with our work today? How priceless would that be to relive their special day, see family members from that era and experience the day's events as if you were there?

To us, a wedding video is really a 'family documentary'. To have all of those folks on film for future generations to enjoy is priceless on so many levels.

We're a small company and work with our clients on a personal level. Matt Buerhaus is the founding owner with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commercial Art/Graphic Design with a Photography concentration from Towson University in Baltimore.

Editing Life Videography actually began known as 'Buerhaus Design' (and still operates under that banner) as a design firm in 2000. But, with our fledgling video work at the time so popular we've turned into a full-fledged video studio, producing over 900 cinematic and dramatic wedding videos to date and hundreds of other event videos including television commercials, corporate speaking engagements, testimonail videos and infomercials (you name it, really), yet come as unobtrusive as videographers get! All editing is done from scratch on industry standard editing hardware and software, producing unique and emotional videos that you will cherish forever.

We work very well with photographers, use state-of-the-art equipment w/o the need for super-bright, obtrusive lights, and have an absolute passion for what we do! Our goal is to make you laugh and cry when viewing your video. If you don't, we've failed!

We also take a lot of pride in virtually disappearing at weddings. We're there, believe me, but our equipment allows us to blend into the background and lurk in the shadows... unlike a lot of other videographers who can manage to be a huge eyesore all day for your guests and your photographer due to their approach and equipment that lack the ability to be able to 'run and gun'. In fact, photographers love us so much, about 1/4 of our business come from referrals from our photo friends!

To set up an appointment with us or for answers to any of your questions, please feel free to email Matt at the following link:

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Meet our team below!

Matt Buerhaus (that's me!) is the founder and owner of Editing Life Videography; Buerhaus Design LLC. Editing Life is my full time job so I handle the entire business end of the operation (emails, social media, website updates, etc.). I've also filmed hundreds of weddings and have a hand in every project as the main editor. My 'signature' goes on every video that goes out the door... and that will never change.
Julia Buerhaus, my wife, is co-owner of our company and a lead videographer/crew leader. With a hand in filming hundreds of weddings, she is also now getting into the editing side of things back in our home studio:)
Sandy Buerhaus, my mom, is one of our crew leaders and main shooters. She started out as a second shooter for me when the company first began but has since grown into a main shooter role. With hunderds of weddings under her belt, you'll usually find her working alongside my dad Mike Buerhaus! They're usually a package deal:) Sandy works for a government contractor during the week.
Brandan Buerhaus, my brother and another crew leader, started out as a second shooter as well, but also grew into a main shooter role. He's now had a hand in hundreds of weddings himself. When not filming on the weekends, Brandan is known as "Mr. B." at the middle school he teaches gym at!
Greg Birch is our neighbor and friend who just so happens to teach film at a local High School. He's been working with us for years and has become a main shooter and crew leader for us. He's had a hand in dozens of weddings and his role will continue to grow as we move forward.
Mike Buerhaus, my father, is lovingly knows as the 'Old Man' here at Editing Life. He's had a hand in hundreds of weddings over the years as a second shooter who assists our main shooters/crew leaders when a second videographer is called for. You'll find him at Sandy's side most of the time, but every now and then there will be an 'Old Man' sighting with one of our other main shooters! When my dad isn't filming, he drives a school bus during the week and tends to his janitorial business.
Meghan Buerhaus, Brandan's wife, is another second shooter for us with dozens of weddings under her belt. She's also into family and baby portraiture on the side. It's just a matter of time before our wedding photo colleagues are also taking her along to act as a second shooter for them!
Jim Andrews is a friend and colleague of mine. Once upon a time, he ran his own photo and video business only to move on to bigger and better things a few years back. He's stayed busy in the wedding world however by picking up work with myself and other photographers and videographers in the area on the weekends. Jim acts as a main shooter and crew leader for us when we're in a pinch!
Wade Buerhaus, my other brother, was the first person to ever film with me way back in 2002! Wade owns his own bread business today and that keeps him pretty busy, but still films with the family when he can.
Bailey Pratt, my cousin, has been filming as a second shooter for us since 2010. With the ability to be a main shooter, she began with us when she was 15 and is now attending UMBC seeking a Psych degree. While in school her workload with us has tailed off, but I'm hoping she'll be back at it with us more regularly after graduation.

In a nut shell, if you book with us you're guaranteed to get either Matt, Sandy, Brandan or Greg as your videographer. The four of us act as our main shooters/crew leaders and pick up the bulk of our workload. We all film exactly alike, and Matt handles all editing in the studio. Everyone else listed above act as second shooters for us and will assist the main shooters when a second videographer is required. Julia, Yana, Bailiey and Jim can all also fill in as main shooters in the event of a last minute injury or illness to one of the four crew leaders if one of the other crew leaders are not available due to other bookings. So we make sure all of our bases are covered. In our line of work, we can't afford to miss a wedding (and never have). So I make sure we have the manpower to honor all of our commitments. In the spring of 2016, we'll surpass 1000 weddings filmed! Not too shabby:)

To set up an appointment with us or for answers to any of your questions, please feel free to email Matt at the following link:

 email matt